Middle School (6-9)

Middle School is a fascinating stage in education. In this stage of education, we try not only to develop the academic potential of Middle School Students, but we are also committed to the social and emotional aspects of learning.

Students are taught how to be more independent in the process of learning. They are asked to deliver assignments , projects, power point ,etc…presentations based on peer work and group work not only individually, as we focus on the importance of working in a team. They are given tasks in a limited period of time to know the importance of time management and organization.

Middle school Curriculum:

We work according to the common core state standards in ELA and Math, the next generation for science and the social studies is customized. As for the Arabic and religion we deliver the governmental course but from our concept which is based on analyzing and critical thinking.

As for the French and German, the student is free to choose.

Egyptian students a follow a full course of Arabic Studies, social studies and religion to sit for Abtedayia and Adadiya according to the governmental schedule

For more information about the curriculum you can check CCSS and NGSS according to the grade level

Middle School students are required to take the following subjects:

  • Art & Design.
  • Humanities (integrated approach to geography and history)
  • Physical Education(PE)
  • English
  • German / French
  • Mathematics (integrated approach to algebra and geometry)
  • Music
  • Computer
  • Sciences (integrated approach to the study of life sciences and physical sciences in grade 7, biology, chemistry and physics in grades 8 and 9
  • Social studies Arabic
  • Arabic
  • Religion

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