Early years

Welcome to Kindergarten!

At HIS you will know how learning is fun. Our program focuses on how to acquire knowledge and skills through playing and practicing different activities.

As researches informs us that during our earliest years and even pre-birth, a large part of the pattern for our future adult life is set; therefore we acknowledge that positive early years' experiences give children the best start in life.

At that critical phase, we focus on providing a safe, secure and happy learning environment in which each child:

  • Loves coming to school
  • Develops a range of social skills to work and play with others
  • Learns in two languages: English and French
  • Acquires basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics
  • Discovers the joy of reading


KG students are required to take the following subjects:

  • Art & Design
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education(PE)
  • English
  • French
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Sciences
  • Computer
  • Arabic
  • Religion


KG curriculum

HIS curriculum is made accessible to all children and is tailored to meet the child's individual learning needs, level of language and stage of development according to CCSS.

By the end of KG, Students become more adapted at expanding their understanding and usage of capitalization, and spelling unknown words phonetically.

Students learn how to get engaged in behaviors (turn and talk, small group discussion, and listening and speaking learning centers) that lead to the expression of complete ideas both verbally and in writing.

Students are able to listen carefully to a text read aloud and to recount or describe details about what they heard. Students ask questions, understand and answer questions asked to them in order to clarify or gain more information.

Students understand their role (job in the team) and how they can contribute in a project from beginning to end.

With assistance, students will use digital tools to publish their writing independently and in collaboration with peers (use of keyboarding and technology).

Students will be able to “log on” to programs, computer stations, and hand-held devises to engage with digital media. Students are expected to be able to select a reason that supports their opinion and be able to share their thinking.

They will begin to use temporal words (now, when, then) to show order of events.

Students understand who the author is and who the illustrator of any text is and what their role in the text is.

Students acquire the habits of reading independently and closely, which is essential for their future success.

Students are able to use pictures and details in a story to tell about characters, setting, and events.

Students are able to count, add and make simple mathematical operations with assist.

Students are able to apply critical thinking. Students are able to know more about their family, neighbours ,map keys

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